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Current Projects




Enhancing Civil Society and Community Based Organization’s Engagement on Transboundary Water Issue in the West Rapti River Basin


The project titled “Enhancing Civic Society and Community Based Organization’s engagement on Transboundry Water Issues in the West Rapti River Basin” is a one year project that spans from (September 2016- August 2017) which is funded by The Asia Foundation (TAF). This projected will be implemented jointly, by The Niti Foudation (Niti), Nepal Water Conservation Foundation (NWCF) from Nepal and Gorakhpur Environment Action Group (GEAG) from India to be conducted in the West Rapti River basin (WRRB) around Nepal and India.  

Activities to be carried out Under the Project /Program

The following activities will be conducted in the current project 

  1. Conduct a deep dive Analysis of the West Rapti River Basin.
  2. Analytical documentation on the lived experience of water dependent local communities in the West Rapti river basin.
  3. Establish West Rapti Working Group and enhance its capacity to engage in transboundary water decision making process.
  4. Inform regional policy processes on transboundary water management through dialogues.
  5. Organize an Indo Nepal Civil Society dialogue on transboundary water governance with special reference to marginalized river basins.
  6. Organize a Pani Satsang on transboundary water governance.