Mr. Pratik Poudel

Research Associate

Management Economics

Pratik Poudel, MA, Economics, has training in economics, management and in the study of recycling based industries in Nepal. He has been working as a Research Associate in NWCF for the past 2 years and 5 months. He has studied Masters in Economics and Management from Tongji University, Shanghai, China, and is fluent in Mandarin Language.  During his tenure as a Masters Candidate he has researched on the social aspect of green economy where he has published a journal as well regarding the topic. Currently he is researching on the water induced disasters due to the developmental activities in the Extended East Rapti river basin in the central region of Nepal. He is a regular reader of water governance based literatures. He has published some articles related to solid waste management and water governance in national newspapers. Before joining NWCF, he was an entrepreneur serving female based enterprises such as piclkle processing, marketing various agro based products from Karnali region, mushroom growing etc.